Hilarious Humiliation 😉

by | Apr 4, 2006

I had a very busy day yesterday – funnily enough out of three sessions all of them wanted me to wear non-fetish wear… In fact in six sessions in three days only one of them had me in any of my glamorous fetish wear!

Good thing I have some beautiful suits and fabulous fully fashioned stockings!

So – yesterday – lots of otk spanking! Which is “A Good Thing” cause I love it 😉 one was a “naughty boy” I’d seen 3 or 4 years ago at SK for his first ever session – I didn’t recognise him until he was over my knee and then I realised – very funny! “Hey, I’ve seen you before, in the Pink room at SK and it was your first session”… I’ve got a pretty good memory – it just takes a while to kick in sometimes 😉

Session last night was a voyeur session with a focus on humiliation – omg – it was HILARIOUS! He had to be punished for not paying attention to what I was telling him a few times – and making mistakes like calling my friends Mistress instead of Ma’am… but the best moment was when I decided he’d have to be dressed like girl for being such a wimp and we went and checked out the wardrobe! The girls almost went for the lovely French Maid’s uniform but in the end we decided that was too dignified and the Hula Girl outfit was the winner. Let me tell you, a grass skirt doesn’t really provide a whole lot of coverage when someone’s a bit excited 😉 something was poking through the front… hehehehe

Anyway – everyone had a lot of fun – thanks to the slave for being such a good subject for my devious sense of humour 🙂