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by | Apr 3, 2006

I had a busy day yesterday – first a couple of hours with a latex slave I’ve been seeing for a few years every time he’s in town.

It was a fabulous rubber slut session – and I put him in some of the latex I’ve acquired recently including the blow up boobies! The total effect was fantastic… with latex stockings, suspenders, g-string, bra with boobies, dress, corset (must buy better laces) and of course a hood. I took lots of photos with his camera, so hopefully some will turn out and I can post them here.

The session ended with the return of the vac-bed 😀 Which is working again – yay…

Later in the day I had a short session with someone into facesitting – I explained on the phone that I only do this as an act of domination – not a sexual act and I wear underwear… he was okay with this and was willing to expand his interests to try a few other aspects of physical domination.

Then a quick chat with Mistress Serena who was about to attend to a naughty boy 🙂

So all good!

Oh – and I was about to post this and badpauly got in first – but I really pinched it from mystikminx 😛

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