Weekend update

by | Apr 9, 2006

I wore my sexy new uniform out Friday night to Manacle with andre_janus, cinner1973 and liquidskin… It was very fun – lots of boys seemed rather taken with me 🙂

Yesterday was a relaxing day off for me – I did a heap of shopping in fact!

Bought a new leather sofa (for home) at Solid Grain in Newtown – it should get a lot less furry than the cloth one… that’s the downside of all my pets!

Other shopping included some tracksuit pants (not very glamorous I’m afraid) – it’s weird how awful most of the ones at Rebel are not so much the colours (which are quite pretty) but the strange cuts – and how expensive… $80 seems about an average price… I was also looking at boxing gloves, but I just can’t stomach the idea of walking around with Team Fenech written on my hands! Ergh… I’ll try one of the martial arts supply stores another time.

And – in the most exciting purchase I got some baby pink Hello Kitty car seat covers!

Other highlights of my day off included brunch, reading the paper at the pub while nursing a beer and having dinner with my Uncle and Aunt who are visiting from New Zealand.

Todays plans include sessions and hopefully dropping in at the Yoga expo – for which I bought an advance ticket. I don’t think I’ll have time for many of the presentations – but it will be fun just to check it all out.