by | May 4, 2006

My boots are saved!!!

Chloe chewed two pairs of my nice leather boots up – well not all the way up, like my Gucci pumps but quite considerably… anyway I took them to the wonderful Nicolas Brothers shoe shop and repairer in Newtown and now they are all better!

I’m astounded – you can’t even tell where the tooth marks were…

In other news – I gave a naughty boy the cane this morning (as you do)… and yesterday had two very fun sessions… one with someone I hadn’t seen before who was into golden showers, anal and humiliation along with other things – he really loved the TENs machine 🙂 and I had a lot of fun getting to know him…

The other was with a sub I’ve been seeing for years – his comments to me were that he wanted to be “taken on a journey” – so I started the session with him kneeling naked in the corner of the schoolroom and we progressed from there with the inclusion of a lot of sexy chain bondage.

I think I sometimes forget about chains – they’re such an archetype “he was chained naked in the dungeon” – mmmmmm chains!

Just need to make sure that I don’t lose any of my keys 😉

Which has actually happened!!! In an overnight session I has a slave in the standing cage and put the key down and went to set up for another phase of play – then when I came back I couldn’t remember where the key was – I played it so cool while I was hunting 😉 but eventually found it in an obvious place…

I’m a bit better at keeping track of all my keys now! Though it was only lost for about 5 minutes and I do have bolt cutters 😉