by | May 9, 2006

I had a fun day yesterday 🙂

My first session was with someone I haven’t seen before – it was all focussed around cbt… this sub had never seen a ProDomme before, but he had quite a bit of experience on his own and with partners in certain activities such as ball crushing and even branding on the cock and balls!!

I had a lot of fun introducing him to a wide range of cbt activities… it was interesting how some things are easier to take than others – ball punching was fun but light piercing was very hard to take! Interesting 😉

Later that night I had one of my regular spanking subs come in… usually it’s just classic spanking and caning – but this time he wanted to re-enact a scenario he’d read about in Janus or some other cp magazine… a naughty wife who was disciplined by her husband! So I changed into pants and he changed into a skirt 😉 it was very fun lecturing my naughty “wife” on her terrible credit card binge and giving her a dose of the tawse to hopefully teach her a lesson!

In other news – brrrrr it’s so cold! However I do have my lovely new footwear to keep me warm – hehehehe – the latest fetish look – knee high baby pink ugg boots!!! I love them – they’re so warm and snuggly… now I’ve got comfy baby pink footwear for every season – baby pink birkies in summer and baby pink uggies for winter.

I know that my fetish glamour reputation may be ruined forever by the terrible truth of my out of session footwear – but really spend several hours in fetish heels and comfort is very welcome once you leave the dungeon!