by | May 15, 2006

I’m just rushing out for a late session – I usually don’t take bookings after 8pm, but this sub is someone I’ve been seeing for a while who can only get away at certain times so I’m willing to be flexible.

Fun session this morning – lots of caning, some anal play and lovely foot worship – a short session but we fit a lot in 😉

Rest of the day – lots of latex washing, it had been waiting for me for a couple of days – my slave rinsed it out under the shower so not icky – but I have to wash and dry each piece before putting it away. What was there – heaps! Catsuit, gloves, two hoods, mini dress, bra with inflatable boobies and the vac bed which is a very cumbersome piece!

However – all done – all good…

Yikes – running late as per usual – I’ve been described as the world’s most unreliable reliable person – I’m always there just always in a terrible rush!