by | May 20, 2006

So – lots of fun the last few days – including my triumphant return to the land of the dentally virtuous 😉

What else have I been doing – playing of course what else?!

A few new people who have been very fun – always nice to get to “meet and beat” – hehehe usually around 4 out of 5 subs I see are what used to be called “return to Mistress” at Salon Kittys.

I’ve been doing plenty of strap-on (yay) and got to dress someone in my French Maid’s uniform which I totally love! I need to organise a photo shoot sometime with this because it’s a great outfit complete with petticoat, choker, lace cuffs, headpiece, stockings, garter, dress, apron and ruffled panties all with matching embroidery and frills. I usually team it with a satin corset to get that feminine shape and high heels as well of course!

I love maid training – though this session really was more of a focus on fetish slut training which is also rather fun at times 😉

Double Domme session with mortalcity yesterday went well… she’s a very inventive sadist we had a lot of fun playing together 😀

Anyway – I’ve got to run a few important errands this afternoon and then maybe have a little nana nap before Inquisition tonight! I’m going to be catching up with my mentor Mistress Mia who is one of Australia’s most experienced and most respected Mistresses – one of the downsides of being independent is not getting to spend time with her and the other fabulous ladies at Salon Kittys…