by | May 28, 2006

grumble grumble…

What is it with me and x-journal today?!

I just wrote a fascinating post about all the devious and debauched things I’ve been doing this weekend and my lj client crashed taking all the sinful details with it!

Suffice it to say yesterday there was…
– latex slut transformation with inflatable boobies of course!
– embarrassing confessions of panty fetish in front of my girlfriends – and appropriate punishment
– spanking, caning and an introduction to my strap-on!

And today
– bondage, suspension and cbt
– introductory session for someone who wanted “to try everything” – well I didn’t do everything in an hour but my goodness I can fit a lot in! cbt/electrical/japanese bondage/ anal/ nipple torture/ weights/ spanking/ flogging/ golden shower/ slave training/ western bondage/ erotic tease and umm – fun stuff!

So – the key message of the long post that is gone… fun was had by all! Especially me 😉

and strangely even though I am currently doing print advertising – only one of the sessions was related to the ad – the other four were either revisits or people who’d been checking the Internet and planning to see me for a while.

That said – I’ve spoken to a heap of people on the phone – but as I don’t take “last minute” bookings I normally send people away to think and advise them to speak to a few other people before letting them book… I find it’s best if subs ring and surf around before deciding who to see, that way I know they want to see me – not just any old Mistress 😉