by | May 31, 2006

Hehehe – reminds me of pinkandsparkly 😉 cute image stolen from mystikminx

I bought Kung Fu Fighting on itunes recently – it’s hilarious because I’ve been going to Kung Fu twice a week and I keep singing it… well not in class cause – cause that would be naughty 😉

In other news – Hooray for new latex! I’ve recently got some new stuff – a great pair of zip through leggings from Skin Two which arrived so fast I’ve had to change my mind on overseas fetish sellers… and I got a custom mini-skirt from Reactor which is very cute and flirty 😉 Now I just need to wait for my new baby pink corset to arrive and I will be happy…

Detox is going well – I even got up super early (well for me) yesterday to go to the 8am yoga class – though I wimped out this morning as I’d had my first good night’s sleep for a while and just didn’t want to get out of my nice warm bed! Oh well – running off now to the midday class instead 😉

I’m heading off to the Opera House tonight to go to the opening night of The Best of Short and Sweet – yay!