Healthy time

by | May 29, 2006

It’s detox time for me again – I tend to detox twice a year – this will be my fourth or fifth – last time was in early January. I haven’t been sleeping as well as usual so I thought it was time to cut out the caffeine, sugar and alcohol from my diet – as well as wheat, white rice, processed foods, dairy, salt and take lots of vitamins.

Apart from heading off to the Health Food store to stock up on tamari almonds, miso soup and herbal tea I had a fun session and a few interesting phone calls… Plus a fair few missed calls – it was one of those strange things that everyone who called seemed to call in the couple of hours I was in session!

Session was another that focussed on bondage and cbt – I really enjoyed watching the poor sub trying to move around with my humbler clamped very tightly around his balls 😉

He had brought in a detailed description of what he was interested in – which is of course fine as I understand that sometimes it can be hard to remember all the things that you’re interested in when you’re sitting across the desk!

That said – there is a difference between a list of interests and a script! One is great and informative and the other can really set both people up for disappointment. If the sub has spent a lot of time fantasising that Mistress ties me like this, then does that, then squeezes my balls, then spanks my bottoms etc etc – then he can be very disappointed if things don’t work out the way that has been imagined… From the Mistress’s side it can detract from the flow of the session if you’re trying to remember exactly what needs to be included and in what order.

Luckily my sub today while having a particular fantasy was open to letting me interpret it my way… so I didn’t feel too much like “ROBO-DOMME” – hehehehe