by | May 23, 2006

I just bought a second hand baby pink ruffled latex corset on ebay…

Hope I actually want it cause it wasn’t cheap 😉

I wonder if I made the right decision… oh well – though unlike the Murray and Vern latex mini-dress with the lacing detail that I bought a while ago if I don’t like it that much I can’t really put it in cross dressing as there are almost no males that can fit into my corsets!

The Murray and Vern dress is too big for me though so works well on my “girls” who love quality latex!

Anyway I will know when it arrives I guess…

In other fetish wear news – still no bloody dress – they promised I would have it at the end of April! And my slave PAID for the dress in NOVEMBER – grumble grumble – bloody dutch!

Edit (aka insert mad rant here) – I hate Absolute Danny and all who sail in her – I hate them all and I want them to be afflicted with a severe latex allergy – preferably with suppurating boils… I’m glad that Demask won the court case and I hope that the worldwide community of rubberists will hound her skanky ass out of business and beat her team severely with pointy shiny things that hurt… and cause more boils – after my dress finally arrives

that is all