NHB update!

by | May 4, 2006

Well not long to No Holes Barred! Though I still don’t know what I’m going to wear – but this advice from rezedew seems to imply that even if I had got it (four months late by the way) – I wouldn’t have worn my new dress from Absolute Disaster sorry Danny…..

more work on warehouse. dirty and tired.
its gunna be good, but I wouldnt be wearing super high heels or easily breakable clothes. its still a warehouse, with lots of rough edges and stuff.

and tomorrow night, there is the joy of covering many many cushions in black plastic. hosable furniture is good.

gosh is the word for the day.. so many A frames in one place.

Hmmm – one play date set up so far – I’ve been back at martial arts this week – so be ready 😉

Though I still don’t have any idea of what I’ll wear 🙁 though there’s coat check so theoretically I could wear a glamorous swish around outfit and then “slip into something more comfortable” – hehehehehe

The question is – is there someone keeping score – “OMG she wore that same dress to Hellfire six months ago”… or does no one really care as long as you look fabulous… or do they not even care that much – just so long as you’re kinky….

maybe I should just stay at home with my wardrobe and stress instead!