So Busy!

by | May 13, 2006

I haven’t dropped off the Internet – just been super busy the last few days! Lots of fun sessions including two double Mistress sessions with Mistress Serena.

Interestingly they were both heavy rubber sessions where we both wore beautiful latex and dressed our slave in full rubber also and got placed in the fabulous latex vac bed for lots of teasing. Yesterday the rubber slut in question was into breath play as well as the heavy rubber – we certainly had a wonderful time making him gasp under our hands!

Today’s double was a sub I’ve been seeing for a few years – we always have a lot of fun so it was great to have Mistress Serena come in also so we could explore some new things…

Funny how these things work out – we haven’t done a double Mistress heavy rubber session for ages and ages and then all of a sudden – two in two days!

Other fun included a couple of hours of fun involving singletail, catheter, humbler and other very good things…

Two sets of well spanked bottoms and more chain bondage including some fabulous chain cock and ball bondage! Which is certainly very different to the usual sort I do with cord… visually it was amazing – all that shiny chain… not sure how restrictive but certainly great fun for something different!

If anyone’s left me a message and hasn’t heard back – sorry 🙁 try calling me again (though not tomorrow cause I’ll be off the air most of the day)