spider in the potty!

by | May 9, 2006

well at least it’s better than the redback on the toilet seat in the song 😉

I had a fun session today with a sub I’ve seen numerous times over the years – he’s into an interesting role play – not an Adult Baby – but rather an adult playing a 12 year old boy who’s got into trouble and is being treated like a baby as a punishment.

Today I was a teacher and he was a naughty boy who’s auntie had told me he’d been caught using a potty instead of going to the toilet – the “cure” was – want to act like a baby, I’ll make you a real baby and I then put him into a nappy… and spanked his bottom of course 😉

The funny part was when I went to get the potty out of my big store cupboard there was a daddy longlegs in the bottom! So I told him to take a good look – “Look, there’s a spider in the potty waiting to bite a naughty boy right on the bottom if he sits down!”

I shook the potty so the spider would wiggle it’s legs around – “See – it would like to climb out and get you! I bet next time you have to go to the toilet you’ll be a big boy and not use the potty won’t you?”

It’s fabulous when serendipity occurs like that – normally a daddy longlegs would just get put outside and not worked into session…