The cat in the hat

by | May 2, 2006

I had a lovely relaxing day today – following on from yesterday’s busy day 😉

Yesterday I saw my oldest “schoolboy” and another naughty young man who needed a jolly good thrashing – then stopped into Mistress Serena’s extended foot session for a while to help tease her devoted slave!

Later in the evening I had one of my regular slave-training slaves come in – he was exposed to the joy’s of caging for the first time – there’s something so enticing about boys in cages 😉 I think it’s the mix of being exposed and yet protected by the bars, as he mentioned I can’t really strap him while he’s in the cage!

Another visit to torment Mistress Serena’s foot slave – I heel-fucked him while she watched to see what a good slut he’d become! Very fun 😉

Today – relaxing! I had lunch with a good friend of mine and then dropped into the fabulous Glendennings to swap the Naval Officer’s Hat that crashtestsubbie gave me over for a larger size – I ended up deciding to go for the women’s tricorne instead – which looks wonderful and very feminine – but has the disadvantage of costing $290!!! The men’s version is about $140…. arrrggghh – how rude! Oh well – it’s fabulous and I do have the advantage of the very beautiful badge to wear on it 🙂

And – at least I’m now in possession of another piece to gratify my uniform fetish! My life would be so much cheaper if I had a fetish for net bodystockings instead of leather, latex and uniforms 😉 But hey – who wants to be cheap 😛