The mystery

by | May 27, 2006

Of the disappearing post! Someone did something silly and it got eaten… 🙁

Oh well – here is again – anyone who commented – sorry!

Well I paid my course deposit today so I am confirmed for my trip to San Francisco in July!!!

I am attending Fakir’s school to learn Permanent Piercing (as opposed to the temporary needles I do now) and Branding!

I will be away from July 12 to July 25…

I’m so excited to be learning to be a professional piercer and brander – I have many years experience with needles for fun – but really wanted to learn body modification properly and there isn’t anyone else with Fakir’s history!

“FAKIR MUSAFAR is known worldwide for his fifty year’s research and personal exploration of primitive body decoration and rituals. Fakir has introduced concepts and practices for the “body-first” approach to explore spirituality in art, body modifications, SM and what he calls “body play”.

A Shaman, Artist, Master Piercer and Body Modifier, Fakir has played a significant part in the revival of body piercing, body sculpting, branding and other body-related practices for personal expression, spiritual exploration, rites-of-passage, healing and reclaiming. He is a co-developer of the modern body piercing techniques in general use today. He is also Director of FAKIR BODY PIERCING & BRANDING INTENSIVES, the only courses of instruction of their kind in the world, and only such school registered by the State of California as a Career Training institution.”

Of course while learning from Fakir and his team is the reason I’m going – there are so many fabulous leather and fetish shops in SF I’m bound to come home with bulging bags 😉