by | Jun 5, 2006

How cold is it at the moment! Brrrr – I actually wish I were at the dungeon instead of at home, I have a fabulous gas heater that gets the dungeon toasty warm – lucky of course because my fetish wear is more for glamour than warmth and the poor slaves are naked!

Today I was very glad of the warm as it was pouring with rain when I saw a new (to me) sub for a session that included a lot of my favourite things at a lighter level but was focussed on strict slave training. It was very intense without being severe…

Yesterday I saw two slaves both of whom I’d done their first “intro” session with this year.

First one was the sub who loves sadistic endurance bondage – but this time he uttered the fateful words – “I want to explore CP more” – hahahaha – well in my books that means being immobilised and given a damn good thrashing with the cane!

Following that – predicament bondage! He’d brought his new pair of ballet boots to be incorporated into the session – so I had him up on his toes in the painful boots, then bound him into rope so he would be suspended if he came off pointe – all very nice if it weren’t for the fact that all his weight would be on his freshly caned and very sore bottom! I loved watching him move from painful toes to painful bottom trying to find a comfy spot – there wasn’t one.

The other session was the slave’s second session ever – and followed hot on the heels of the first! Second sessions can be difficult, sometimes if a first session has been great it can be hard to follow-up – but when someone says he wants to “try everything” – there is certainly plenty of scope for fun 😉

He got to meet the humbler – as well as some cold metal shackles and lots of lovely other things. Yay…