by | Jun 12, 2006

Oooh – I went to a sex shop and bought naughty stuff today! Some Japanese bondage magazines in fact – I’ve decided that I’m in love with Reiko Asada – she’s so cute!

I went to a private play party last night which was great fun – last time I went I was a little overdressed so this time – very underdressed as I went in my fluffy pink pyjamas! Hehehe – very different to my usual fetish glamour! There were actually six people in their jammies – it must have been the night for it 😉

I had great fun – I only took along two toys, a “whacker” and a “zapper” and they both got used – I’ve got another young lady converted to “electrodes to the genitals” I suspect 😉

In other new – sexymacbookpro – aka heighhosilver has bluetooth so I can contribute to the mofoexpo now 😀