by | Jun 19, 2006

It’s been a while since last update – I think that not having a client on my new poota makes a difference… speaking of which I’m going to have to get it looked at as there is a slight problem with the screen – it only shows up on a very few backgrounds… just a hassle to take it in though.

My weekend was fun – starting out with Hellfire on Friday night – I haven’t been for ages, and wasn’t going to go this time but liquidskin was bootblacking so I went to keep him company… oh and to wear my catsuit and hang looking glamorous!

The crowd was a bit – umm – mixed… Mistress Serena was there and lots of my other friends, but some people were missing 🙁 and there seemed to be a lot more random drunk women (RDW) than usual – apparently you get that the first HF after the sensual ball! Eeep – I had a few RDW coming up and touching me – shudder – I try and be polite but really… keep your hands to yourself! One of them tried to tell me that I wouldn’t dress like that if I didn’t want people touching me – ah – WRONG – and anyway – it was a full neck to ankle catsuit!

In a terrible moment at the end of the night I dropped my lipgloss and while picking it up – rippp! ARGH – so now have split in sexy DeMask catsuit 🙁 will have to drop it in at Reactor – hopefully it can be saved…

Saturday I slept in then had a fabulous cp session… The Festival of the Cane 🙂 many 100’s of strokes with a variety of canes from very fine to medium weight… the heavy singapore was not invited 😉

Caning was a feature of Saturday night at cub’s 30th birthday party as I had been promising/threatening a caning for years! Poor cub – I was an evil bitch and not at all kind… but sometimes that’s just what needs to happen to get though. I was so proud of her for taking the 30 strokes – even if I did give an extra four for swearing at me – no bad language in my dungeon!

Once the caning had been completed I made friends with rather too much champagne – I blame ms_victoria for everything – she led me astray!

I feel far more vituous now having been to yoga 😉 now to run a few errands… post office etc… sadly to return my latex leggings that I bought from Skin Two – they developed a tiny hole after one wear – but to their credit when I emailed they said just to send them back… I don’t know what it is with me and latex at the moment (and before you ask I’ve actually lost weight recently) 🙁 maybe it’s a message to stick with my leathers!