Expanding horizons

by | Jun 28, 2006

I had a great session over the weekend with a sub who started out being into endurance bondage – but has been expanding his BDSM horizons – this time to try play piercings 😉 We started out with 3 25g needles in his chest, but soon did nipples (2 in each) and some 21g on the other side…

It was a highly erotic session in that low-key super charged way that is sort of hard to explain – which seems to happen to me from time to time 😉 I think it was sitting on him while I took the needles out and then punching him in the chest with my still gloved fist… there was surprisingly little blood – as is often the case – I’ve been known to terrorise poor subs new to needle play by saying “o-oh – blood bath” as I take out the needles, then giggling and showing them a swab with one tiny red spot before they get too scared 😉

I’ve also been enjoying quite a bit of roleplay – which is very fun as long as it’s in my interests… to be honest I’m only into certain sorts of roleplay – in particular school and domestic scenes, I can’t pretend to the Amazon Spider Queen without laughing! Though I did have a fabulous session that was a Judicial style caning where I got to pronounce sentence upon a gentleman and then take him from my schoolroom to the dungeon to recieve his punishment.

I very much enjoyed binding him very securely to the bench so that there was no possible chance of any squirming… He had a little movement in the upper body, but none at all around the “target area”!

Very fun!