by | Jun 30, 2006

Ergh – I’m feeling pretty sick today 🙁 not sure what’s up – just a really bad cough that’s made my chest really ache – and wheezing – very unappealing…

I changed my voicemail message to say I was sick and call me back in a couple of days – I listened back and it sounds terrible!

Oh well – staying in bed with hot lemon drink and cats will do me good I’m sure.

Yesterday I went to see this strange Masseur who was recommended by my martial arts instructor – he’s 80 years old and mostly retired but still sees occasional people – looking through his scrapbook were a heap of articles from the sports pages where a heap of famous athletes (mostly boxers) and other celebrities were praising his amazing skills… I have to concur – I had a back “full of rocks” but after about 10 minutes it suddenly released and feels totally different – most strange of all it didn’t hurt unlike most massages which seem to be like someone digging into an unyeilding lump of muscle with a lot of accompanying pain… must have been that iron bar he used (no really – an iron bar to the back)

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