I’m a bloke…

by | Jun 24, 2006


You scored as Male. Being mostly male, within your structures of thinking simply means that your reasoning powers are the way they are perceived in Western Culture higher than the one of the opposite sex. Psychoanalsis claims this to come at the price of creative expression – a rational thinker can not think out of the box it is claimed. Yet, many creative Minds were men.









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In other news – I had a great day today doing a Self Defense workshop – it’s very interesting learning how to apply the martial arts I’ve been doing to real life situations… I think it’s a bit like having first aid qualifications (which I have of course) – when you have skills you hope you’ll never need to use them! But better to be safe than sorry!

I had a fun day yesterday – a couple of great sessions both with new people, one was a short session which focussed on golden showers – very fun… the other was mostly about strap-on and erotic tease so very fun – I toyed with the idea of putting my “little bitch” in lingerie but wanted to make him creep around in the humbler which isn’t compatible with lacy panties 😉

I find it very amusing when people declare that they’ll “do anything for you Mistress” – especially when they’re not into severe things – it’s all about trust I guess – they know that even though I can probably talk them into a lot of scary things at the time – I’m not going to push too hard with someone new… and if someone gives me limits in discussion I hold them to them in session because it’s too easy to forget in the heat of the moment and someone’s got to be the responsible one 😉