New Poota!

by | Jun 11, 2006

I am posting from my shiny shiny new Macbook Pro!

Ooooh – it is the sexiest thing ever and I love it with all the love 🙂

I even have a webcam built in now – but don’t expect much use.

In sad news I think my old ibook has died 🙁 it seemed to be having motherboard issues again, but maybe it just heard me talking about the fact I was getting a new poota and decided that it wasn’t going to play with me anymore if I was abandoning it for a younger, slimmer girl 😉

Very annoying though because of course – even though I know better I still haven’t backed stuff up and so have a lot of music and photos that I need to get off…

Oh well – I shall take it to revisit my old nemesis the Apple Service Centre and see if they can fix once more. At least I won’t be waiting for deparately to get my poota back and haunting internet cafes!