by | Jul 8, 2006

Eeek – cannibals!

Doug Morgan, 75, and his wife Valerie were getting ready for bed when a maniac dived through a lounge window left open because of the heatwave.

A fierce tussle broke out as the intruder punched the OAP — then bit him repeatedly. He chewed off Doug’s thumb and ATE it, police said.

He is also thought to have ripped off the villager’s left nipple with his teeth — and tore chunks from his face and upper body.,,2-2006300778,00.html

In travel news I’ve booked a hotel – yay… it has the main things I need, bed, bathroom, wireless internet 😉 *and* has a cafe I liked last time I was in SF right nearby on the path in fact between the hotel and where I’m doing my courses.