by | Jul 11, 2006

Super busy day yesterday my feet are still a little tender from all the hours in boots 😉

First up I had a fabulous session – lots of restrictive bondage, cbt, nt, anal, catheter and then lots of piercing! Yay…

Then I saw someone for a roleplay styled session that was mostly focussed on corporal punishment, a key factor was the intimidation factor of getting down different implements and threatening him with them. I really enjoyed playing up the sounds – swishing a thin cane through the air and making my singletail crack loudly! The look in his eyes was priceless! Though as it was more of a light/medium level of play I didn’t use the cane or the singletail on his flesh – but I think the “message” went through loud and clear!

Last session was with a couple! The gentleman I had seen some time previously for an introductory session – and this time he and his partner had decided to come in and explore together. It was great fun playing with them both, we started out with the lady as my “apprentice Mistress” and we both proceeded to tease and torment him terribly! He did seem to lap up the attention – even if it was super frustrating not to be able to caress her… later she was slightly bound and introduced to some CVT (like CBT but with girls bits) – she seemed to respond very well – but I think having her boyfriend kiss it better after each intense sensation helped 😉

They ended up putting on a private sex show for me 😉 Very raunchy indeed – especially when I “encouraged” him with a riding crop!

Today I was in a far more casual role teaching some bondage with missfleurdelys as the beautiful bondage model… I think we all had a lot of fun – I was very impressed with how far P had gone in his bondage skills from looking at books and websites and practicing on himself… I can be a little impatient sometimes though – I threatened to cane him for not paying attention! (I’ve caned him before in session because he’s seen me a number of times as a Mistress not an instructor).

Later that afternoon was very frustrating as I went out to my medical supplier to pick up a few bits and pieces to discover that the won’t be having counter sales anymore and have a minimum order of $275 – meh – I can just order online from elsewhere… I just find it more convenient to pick stuff up rather than dithering around missing deliveries and having to make time to pick them up from the post office. Oh well…

I can’t believe I’m leaving the day after tomorrow! Eeek – I still feel a bit disorganised – but at least I have accommodation sorted – oh and I have an e-ticket which I’m used to for domestic but is a bit strange for international…

And in memeland…. pinched from newbotb

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