by | Jul 18, 2006

Okay so maybe the shopping isn’t over….

I hung out with elflet today which was very fun – we walked up to Haight, had some lunch and checked out Dark Garden corsets… somehow – I’m not quite sure how – I ended up ordering a custom design in black silk satin (not the regular polyester stuff) with baby pink satin trim…. but I wasn’t alone as elflet needed to get a new corset also!

It will take quite some time as they have to send me one for a fitting, get me to take photographs wearing it and send it back!

I haven’t heard back from the cautery people – I might have to call them tomorrow morning and see if I can sort out a machine before I leave – otherwise will have to get it sent to me… otherwise it will be strike brands only for a while – not that’s a bad thing – I really love doing strike brands and they’re very traditional.

Brand is good – my shoulder was a bit sore today after walking around with my bag over it… think it’s things stuffed in pockets instead! I’m looking forward to see how the two other people who did branding with me and are coming to piercing school are going. I actually think that the damn tape I have to use to hold the pads down is irritating me more than the actual brand itself – the skin’s all red where the tape is 🙁

I thought I’d got the sleepy thing sorted but obviously not as I had a pretty crap night’s sleep last night – but hopefully all the walking around in the sun today will have helped – it was a very beautiful day today much warmer than we’ve been having.

One more day of mooching about – and then piercing school which I’m really looking forward to!