by | Jul 19, 2006

Happy Birthday felix_femme

I wandered out to Butler’s Uniforms this morning and bought some bear-sized uniform shirts for a certain cub 🙂 the shop is pretty cool – but I didn’t really see anything that called out to me I have to say. I’ll have to hunt badges separately however.

I also dropped into a little leather shop on Folsom St as I walked past – I wonder if the guy knew why I shuddered – no it wasn’t the “scary” products it was the terrible quality of the leather! Eeeuuww… speaking of which I got some spam today from a company “searching for serious buyers of bondage Products” – they foolishly listed an office in Pakistan – now any leather fetishist worth her salt would be fleeing like the fleeing man (also known as the walk symbol – but I think it looks scared) at the thought of pakistani leather…

I’m sitting in brainwash at the moment which is the little cafe/laundry/internet cafe on Folsom St around the corner from my hotel – I’ve been here everyday since I arrived – they even make good coffee which is v. hard to find in the US! They have live music every night which is fun – and I’ve had quite a few people talk to me about my new shiny shiny macbookpro – someone asked me last night where I got my little protector case – Sydney Australia wasn’t a useful answer but it started a conversation 😉 It’s a baby blue crumpler and I love it good – thanks Robling!

Sad news from Geiger today – they are currently manufacturing the electro-cautery units at the moment so I’ll have to have it delivered when I get home. In other branding news (which may be tmi for some) I peeled the scab off with some peroxide after my shower this morning – it looked like a teeny tiny snake skin. Healing brands can be a little counter intuative as you want it to be as slow as possible – I don’t want my lovely scar to disappear after all the trouble I went to!

Okay – I have things to do today which don’t necessarily involved hanging out at Brainwash online – esp as people are all asleep at home so not terribly interactive!