by | Jul 21, 2006

Piercing school is going well – I’m on Day 2 and have learned a heap of stuff already – happily I have good dexterity, and while I was told that play piercing experience doesn’t really cross-over – I think it has made a fair difference… maybe I’m just used to sticking things in people – and I have a good knowledge of clean procedures.

I’ve been out and a bout a bit lately – having dinner with a few different people… not getting into too much mischief but not sitting around in my hotel room either.

And they finally fixed the wireless internet at my hotel – thank goodness – I was getting really annoyed – much as I love Brainwash sometimes I want to lounge around in bed naked with my shiny shiny macbookpro 😉

Okay – going to bed – I have some readings to do…