by | Jul 14, 2006

Well I’ve arrived safe and sound and am sitting in the tiny lobby of the hotel waiting for my room to be ready – in a clever feat of organisation on my part I didn’t bother checking check-in time so have had three hours to kill…. and kill I will if I don’t get a nice shower soon!

The plane flight was as good – I was blessed by the travel goddess I think – it was a *very* full plane – I only saw two empty seats – one of which was next to me! I was in the two person row at the very very back of the plane which meant lots of people queueing up to use the toilet near me – but who cares when you’ve got space to curl up… not a lot of space but still – more than could be otherwise hoped for! There were some pretty bumpy bits of the flight – but I had rescue rememdy on hand and just rememered how lucky I was not to be next to some big sweaty person as well as being bounced around 😉

I nearly got lost trying to get out of the airport though – for some reason there are loads of signs pointing everywhere except a taxi stand and it just wasn’t very intuitive as to how to get out… but eventually I escaped – only to discover annoying check-in time 🙁

Plus – when I got out my new adapter so I could charge my laptop (you know – the shiny shiny MacBookPro that I love) I realised that the stupid Downtown Dutyfree people had put a US adapter on the reciept and a European adapter in my bag… oh well – at least walking down to Radio Shack gave me something to do while I’m waiting for my room. It’s only about 10 mintues walk to the Westfield – I even dropped into the Sanrio store and saw some cute shoes – but I’m not game to take off my socks after a long flight – that would be cruel and unusual punisment for the poor shoe shop ladies…

Anyway – lots of rambling as I don’t really sleep on planes and I’m not really very good without my full 8 hours….