I passed 🙂

by | Jul 25, 2006

Well I passed piercing school and had a fantastic time… I feel very priveleged to have been able to study with Fakir and also with all the other fantastic instructors…

I’m so happy to be coming home tonight – I’m so sick of my rather un-soundproof hotel room – but I’m also really sad for it to all be over… I’ve made some great friends and it’s been an amazing (almost) two weeks. Oh and mirans I did find some mischief 😉

I’ve learned a lot – and got to do some great piercings – I was there specifically to learn nipple and genital piercings, but have done some cool ears and eyebrows also. A couple of which were people from the school who specifically requested me to do them 🙂

Anyway – I’d better go and pack up my stuff… I’m not looking forward to the plane trip – but it will be so good to be home again.

AND – Happy Birthday freeq strange I don’t exist on the 25th – it’s the day I lose in transit…