I passed 🙂

by | Jul 16, 2006

Well I finished the branding course today – I have to say there’s a reason why they are called “intensives”! Very very intense two days – and I have a million ideas running through my brain.

I was the first student to give a brand (a multi-strike) and the last student to receive a brand… I learned multi-strike, fire direct and electro-cautery branding…

Fakir and some other students took photos of my doing the brands (I did a couple, one multi strike and one electro cautery) but I don’t have any pics as yet – I’ll make sure to get someone to take some during piercing school next week.

Anyway – I received a large spiral cautery brand on my shoulder – I think it looks fantastic! Though all bandaged up at the moment… it’s an intense experience, but not nearly as severe as lots of other things….

I’m going to call the cautery machine people and see if they can deliver my machine before I leave – I’m very excited 😀

my brand