Long overdue book post 21-30

by | Jul 1, 2006

Not sure exactly what order the books were in – I’ve read a lot since my last update was in April!

21 The Diamond Age – Neal Stephenson – I’m a fan of his, and loved this earlier novel but was disappointed by the way he wrapped up the loose threads at the end… rather untidy but still great if you enjoy his work.
22 Wolfskin – Juliet Marillier – historical fantasy: Very engaging set during the viking invasion of Orkney
23 Foxmask – Juliet Marillier – historical fantasy – Follows the children of the key characters of Wolfskin, reminds me of celtic magic realism 😉
24 The Dark Mirror – Juliet Marillier – historical fantasy: Set in pre-christian Scotland
25 Blade of Fortriu – Juliet Marillier – historical fantasty: Continues the story in previous book. Very interesting and nice blend of well researched history and fictoion.
26 Daughter of the Forest – Juliet Marillier – historical fantasy: These three are not nearly as interesting as her other later novels. Very pedestrian
27 Son of the Shadows – Juliet Marillier – historical fantasy: see above
28 Child of the Prophecy – Juliet Marillier – historical fantasy: see above
29 Hotel Babylon – Imogen Edward-Jones and Anonymous – confessional non-fiction: This book is hilarious, very similar in tone to Kitchen Confidential and would put on off a career in any part of hospitality!
30 Bill Bryson’s African Diary – Bill Bryson – travel: This slim volume was written to raise money for CARE International and is entertaining but Bryson’s usual humour takes a backseat to worthiness…

More to come soon