Shop day!

by | Jul 17, 2006

I had such a great day today I had a fantastic night’s sleep at last! I’d been waking up around 3 or 4 every night and being really tired the next day so was very happy to have a big sleep in today 🙂

Today was a shopping day – first I wandered down to boot-heaven also known as Stompers I came out with only two pairs of boots – but I know that I must have custom Dehner’s for my happiness (only way they’ll fit I suspect) – sadly not this trip but one day they’ll be mine!

Dropped boxes back at the hotel then headed back out to visit Mr and Madame S! I was quite restrained there and only bought some weighted gloves, *one* sexy piece of latex and a new buttplug 😉 but I’m here for quite some time… so may end up back again!

I also went to Walgreens and bought dressings so I can change my bandage – but that’s not all that interesting as far as shopping goes….

Tomorrow I’m catching up with a friend of ms_ariel‘s to do some touristy stuff – but I’m going to try and get to the uniform shop in the morning first – it’s also only a stone’s throw from my little room – I’ve been really enjoying walking around everywhere 🙂