by | Aug 2, 2006


Feeling a bit grumpy today – I hurt my knee yesterday at Kung Fu – though it’s not bad bad – just a bit sore but I thought it best not to go to yoga today…

I’m off to the physiotherapist this afternoon though so hopefully she’ll be able to sort it out and give me an all clear for yoga. It’s funny – I decided to go back to the physio I used to see when I was at Uni instead of the big clinic I’ve been going to recently – I haven’t seen her for 9 years or something and she recognised my name straight away! That’s a lot better than the clinic where there’s a new 23 year old every second time and they never seem to know what’s going on.

In other sulk inducing news I was supposed to have a session with ozibootslave on Friday – which was going to be fantastic because the usual marking issue wasn’t going to apply – BUT curses – the real world has intervened and we don’t get to play 🙁 🙁 🙁


I have a couple of sessions planned for this evening though so hopefully I’ll get to have some fun – especially the one which is heavy face slapping – mmm – I love face slapping!