by | Aug 29, 2006

I had such a fun session last night! It was just what I was in the mood for 🙂 nice when that works out, though to be honest it never seems to take a lot to “put me in the mood” to play…

Someone who hadn’t seen me before and was into being dressed like a slut and then treated like one 😉 I dressed him in a tiny short ruffled skirt and a tight corset, stockings, extremely high heels – but no panties – not much point really as I knew they’d be round the ankles in a flash 😉

We then adjourned to the dungeon where lots of tormenting ensured!

He’d had sessions before and there was some spanking and sensual strap-on – but we explored a few different things – nipple torture which he’d not really tried before (one of my favourite things, I find it so erotic to be able to look into someone’s eyes when I’m tormenting them) – and I introduced him to golden showers!

yay – score a convert to g/s 😀