can’t sleep…

by | Aug 16, 2006

clowns will eat me

Well maybe not – but I got sick of tossing and turning and not sleeping and decided to get up and play poota but sadly no one’s online to entertain me 🙁

Oh well…

I had a great session today which proves that contrary to popular belief I also like lighter sessions! This was a sub who had a corset fetish – both for wearing one himself and lacing me tightly into mine… It’s not about cross-dressing for him – but rather the restrictiveness of being so very tightly bound – combined with some bondage, light anal and cbt it was all very fun. I must say he did a fabulous job of lacing mine – and I do enjoy the feeling of being so very tightly restricted myself 🙂

Other recent adventures were more – well – umm – sanguinary shall we say 😉 with heavy cbt including head peircings, restrictive bondage and anal play on Monday… and endurance bondage, caning and knife play on Sunday.