Fabulous weekend

by | Aug 20, 2006

I’ve had a brilliant weekend – I hope everyone else has too 😀

Friday I had a session with one of my regular subs – he’s very cheeky at times and earned himself six of the best by making an inappropriate request – one would think after all these years he’s know better 😉 but I think he likes getting in trouble sometimes… that said once he’d been punished we spent a very intense hour slowly working him up towards a fisting – intense and enjoyable for both of us 🙂

Friday night was Hellfire – which was great fun – I wore leather which does seem to attract less Random Drunk Women than latex. I was great to catch up with friends – though I did seem to miss out on seeing other people.

Saturday I had a little sleep in and then walked up to the dungeon in the beautiful sunshine to prepare for a fabulous session. 3 hours of heavy cbt – a majority of which was ball torture – specifically kicking and punching! I missed Kung Fu training in the morning – but I think I made up for it with my new favorite sport….

Bare Knuckle Ball Boxing!

Though to be honest I used my new lead weighted sap gloves more of the time – the combination of the super soft leather and the heaviness of the weight was perfect 😉 I tried my sparring gloves also but they were a bit “plastic-y” in feel unlike the leather.

Other fabulous things in the session were me doing endless light snap kicks straight to the balls, interspersed with front kicks – beating his balls with a jelly dong (a recommendation from Maxville which works wonderfully) – some piercing – and some very sensual play with electro and catheter.

Fabulous fun and I think my friends who came along to watch really enjoyed the experience – though they were a little surprised at just how severe a ball beating can be!

Saturday night I went to a burlesque even at The Kirk – it was pretty fun – a funny crowd not many of the people I would have expected to see… Some of the performances were a bit ordinary – but there were some stand-outs… the beautiful athletic couple doing an erotic acrobatic routine, fabulous hula hoops, Sex and Glitter, a beautiful tattooed boy who started as an Elvis impersonator and ended up spinning in parachute silks…

Today was all about relaxing 😉 I went shopping and bought a new singlet top for yoga – went to the video store and borrowed a heap of martial arts movies… I’ve got Kung Fu camp coming up next weekend (so won’t be available for sessions of course) – and Sifu said the venue was “very Enter the Dragon” so I decided to refresh my memory plus of course the obvious vicarious enjoyment of watching athletic boys kicking each other in the head 😉