by | Sep 4, 2006

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend – I know I did – but the sunshine certainly made it beautiful to be out and about…

So what’s been happening? Well I’ve been doing a lot of very fun sessions…

On Friday morning I was cast as a Customs Official somewhere “not-here” who suspected the sub of having been attempting to smuggle drugs – of course a strip search was needed and when no drugs were found I decided to lock him in my cell to cool his heels while investigations went further… it was at this time that he made an error and attempted to bribe me! A decision which would come back to haunt him at a later stage… as I returned later and let him know that he was indeed innocent of drug smuggling but would have to be punished for attempted bribery 😉 and of course – the punishment was corporal punishment!

Hehehehe – too fun

Later on Friday night I had a sub I used to see at Salon Kittys come and visit for a four hour session with lots of bondage, cbt and nipple torture… interestingly I’ve had a few people contact me recently who’ve just found me again… which is a little surprising after such a long time – but still great of course 🙂

Saturday was training of course! But then I took newbotb on a little fetishwear shopping trip! Mistress eye for the Straight Guy 😉

He was very sweet – especially as I got a bit impatient waiting for him to get in and out of all the different complicated outfits he was trying… The best options ended up being either a totally sexy rubber outfit at Reactor – or a more low-key pair of bondage pants and top at Gallery Serpentine….

We only checked out the Newtown/Enmore shops – I thought that wandering over to Sax and House of Fetish would only confuse things even more and we did find a couple of fabulous options. I’m looking forward to seeing what he ends up with.

Sunday morning I had a new person come in for domestic discipline… another fun role play where I was a colleague who’d invited him over for brunch which he took the wrong way so I had to teach him a good lesson about respect for women!

Then after a quick snack I had a fabulous couple of hours doing a lot of piercing and combining the needles with floss to create intense endurance bondage positions… it was so much fun – my sub really really flies from the endorphin rush of piercing and adding the bondage element really enhanced the experience a lot 🙂

So that was my weekend 🙂 filled with wonderful things – sunshine, needles, shopping, spanking – yay!