by | Sep 6, 2006

Yesterday was crazy! I started writing an entry last night about how much fun I had but was too tired to think of much to say besides – sleeeeepy 😉

I had three sessions – all very different – the first was a “naughty schoolboy” who had to be punished for his disgraceful behaviour – starting with the strap on the hand for being tardy and ending up with the cane for harassing the student teacher. I love school scenarios – which is of course why I have a dedicated schoolroom… but I have to say my “Headmistress” is rather traditional – long skirt, white blouse, academic gown – not the “sexy teacher” type – just a personal preference I guess… Anyway I must say I think this boy will change his ways as he did seem very contrite!

Later that day I had a fabulous couple of hours with a sub I see who’s into restrictive bondage and heavy cbt and nt – what fun! I bound him severely to my leather chair then proceeded to invade his cock with a nice fat catheter, torment it with the violet wand and clamps, pinwheel and severe cock bondage. Nipples were clamped and tormented and then pierced with four needles in each… I then wound dental floss around the needles to make a nice way to restrain him or to further stimulate his nipples… Later I moved him into the sling and pierced his cock so I could attach those needles to the nipple thread and hold it out of the way while violating his bottom 😉 I also put several needles right through the head of his cock – an intense activity not for the faint hearted!

I think he knew he was in trouble as soon as he arrived as the beautiful sunny day had put me into such a happy mood – I was bouncing around singing along to a cd of cheesy dance music – lucky he’s as much of a masochist as I am a sadist so we’re very happy playing together 😀

My last session was later in the evening – after Kung Fu – and appropriately for the time and mood was a more sensual and languid in nature with lots of teasing, light cbt (cb-tease as opposed to cb-torture) and nipple play, gentle strap-on and golden shower….

Today I’ve been talking on the internet, been to yoga, ate lunch in the part and dropped into Radical Leather to pick up my new Chastity Jock. Which should be perfect for extended sessions and house slaves to make sure they keep focused! Of course I always end up having a long chat to Steve about everything and nothing 🙂

I’m heading off for an evening session shortly – which should be very fun – I’ll have to see what my sub and I are in the mood for… you never know 🙂

Funny I seem to be getting more enquiries at the moment for evening sessions – usually I am much busier during the day – which is better for me to be honest.