by | Sep 7, 2006


I mentioned my new chastity jock from Radical Leather in passing after I picked it up yesterday – it’s so great – I’ll have to get some photos taken… It looks a bit like a leather jockstrap – but of course it’s a bit more complicated 😉 the “boy bits” thread through a hole in the front and are then strapped down with leather straps, there is a stiffened piece of leather like a cup that prevents any fondling, and then the front zips closed on both sides and locks… very secure – no “tampering” possible and it’s more comfortable than my shiny stainless steel chastity cage as the cock can still get hard – it just can’t get any stimulation!

I’m really looking forward to trying it out 😀

Last night’s session was good fun – my sub has been seeing me for some time and is more into the lighter erotic activities like golden showers, light cb-tease and gentle anal play. He loves exploring new things however so last night I decided to introduce him to rubber and dressed him from head to toe in tight shiny black latex… before restraining him with chains to the sling – teasing him mercilessly and finally drenching him with a golden shower.

I had a quiet day today – mostly mooching at home and then wandering into the city to go shopping – I spent some time at the Chanel counter (no trip to Myer can miss that out) where I tried a heap of new nail polishes looking for the perfect light pink as a spring fling for my toes (and fingers but I *always* wear nail polish on my toes and only occasionally on my fingernails) – sadly nothing was perfect, but I did get the sensible things I was there for foundation, moisturiser and a cleanser – oh and a lipgloss does that count 😉 I have to say for the large amount of money I handed over I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a present… oh well I guess Chanel doesn’t really give out a lot of bumpf.

My favourite lingerie brand Pleasure State has just moved in to Myer – so I spent some time checking out the new couture range – they’re always so beautiful… I found something – but now I’m not sure so I might go back and give it some more thought…

Then I looked at my watch and all of a sudden it was almost time for Kung Fu! Thursday night is two hours of training – so afterwards it’s just something tasty for dinner and a little lap-top-time before bed…

Oh – and I was looking through photos on my mobile and found this pic missfleurdelys took after our rubber fetish session a couple of weeks ago… and as I have been thinking about rubber decided to post 😉