by | Sep 11, 2006

I’m tired today – I spent too much time chatting online last night and for some unknown reason drinking sparkling shiraz… it was bad – very bad – note to self – just say no 😉

I got an email from my mother – which impressed me rather because who would think that she’d be able to find an internet cafe in Kyrgyzstan! She’s hurt her ankle getting of a horse on a 7 hour trail ride in a nature reserve in Kazakhstan (which is another little country that used to be part of the USSR).

Poor mum – hopefully it won’t make the rest of her trip too miserable – she’s still got another three weeks to go.

I had a lot of fun playing with newbotb on Sunday – this time a three hour session… considering he’s only been playing for a short while he’s really trying some new things! I did a couple of different rope suspensions, lots of other bondage, body punching (yum), face slapping, fire play (only good for boys who don’t have too much body hair!), some flogging, used my new chastity jock and gave him his first caning!

I did the first dozen very gently (well not in terms of the actual strokes which were full force)- coaching his breathing and making sure that he could get through – which he did wonderfully… afterwards though I thought he should know what a more callous and brutal caning was like – so gave him a fast few building to another dozen (though I coached the last few strokes to get to the full two dozen without safewording)

I’m going to get an early night tonight I think 🙂