by | Sep 13, 2006

liquidskin gave me some fabulous music the other day – so am happily dancing around the house (as you do)… all lovely lovely hard trance and techno. yay

In slightly more fluffy music land I have to say that Party Ben rocks my world – in particular Death Cab for Maddy – Hung Up on Soul.. though there are many hilarious and/or fabulous mash ups here… too much fun!

Yesterday was fun – a two hour session with lots of good things 😉 and more latex! I must just be in a latex mood at the moment… there was also a very good moment when I “made” the sub drink his own urine out of a glass using the catheter I’d just removed as a straw – he did need a little “encouragement” with some electrical torture – but in the end drank it all up 😉

Loads of other fun things – including some rope suspension which he found gave more of a “trance-like” headspace than the leather suspension which we’ve done in the past….