by | Sep 25, 2006

Well I had a very relaxing weekend 🙂

I’ve got some print advertisments out for a change… I think I advertise every three months or so – just to remind people who aren’t on the Internet… it’s funny I still get people who saw me at Salon Kittys ringing and saying they’ve found me again – it will have been three years since I left at the end of November!

So I’ve been talking to lots of curious beginners – which is always interesting. I love doing “intro” sessions – and some of my favourite subs are those who’ve come in for their first sessions with me. I do start off quite light and gentle – but it’s amazing how far someone can travel in terms of BDSM desires in only a few sessions 😉 or maybe I’m just a good motivator!

I had a fabulous heavy bondage session the other day – which seems to have been flavour of the month for me… it’s interesting how things work out… or maybe it’s just what’s in my mind at the moment – but I’ve been doing lots of rope suspension which is always fun.

Though I’ve been in the mood for cross-dressing recently – particularly full transformation… I don’t think I’ve done a “make-over” for ages.