Long time – no update

by | Oct 28, 2006

I’ve been a bit slack with getting online recently – so if anyone’s owed email that may be why 😉

I’m pretty much acclimatised back again – though I am still waking up earlier than I usually would – but this is meaning I can get to the 8am yoga class instead of the afternoon one – though I don’t expect that to stay that way… I’m really not a morning person – though with this weather it’s not like trying to drag yourself out in the cold – morning yoga is pretty dismal in winter!

I have been gloating over some of the new things I’ve bought back from New York – I think ozibootslave approved of the latex corset I bought at DeMask – I know I love it goooood 😉 – I haven’t really had a play with my new erostek yet though – so anyone who’s into electrical should take note! Gosh it was expensive though – the box and a few pieces and leads to go with it finished up around $A1000 – but should be well worth it…

I had a very fun session last night with someone new who had an interest in humiliation – he got to try out my new nose lead – and I have to say I *love* it! Leading a male around by the nose is so very funny…. for me 😉 For some reason I just find it sexy – and I think will be a great addition to predicament bondage scenarios also.

I’ve finally cleared all the messages on my phone – though I do need to change my message so people don’t think I’ve run away from home 😉