New York update

by | Oct 20, 2006

I have been so slack with my updating – just super busy playing and having far too much fun…. I would promise to do a proper update when I get home but I doubt that I actually will – it’s never so much fun writing once it’s all over…

New York is of course fabulous 🙂 though I haven’t really been out and about all that much to be honest 😉

I arrived in the early hours of Thursday morning and that day went over to Demask and bought a beautiful corset (thanks ozibootslave for my birthday present!) then headed over to Purple Passion to meet up with Mistress Wynter and check out all the fabulous toys… and believe me there are a lot of fabulous toys there!

Then we headed off to dinner and were joined by the beautiful Miss Troy Orleans… and had much fun chatting and gossiping as you do 😉

So a nice relaxed start to my New York visit – some shopping, some socialising, good food – but it was not to continue!

The rest of my trip was madness! Super fabulous fun but madness 🙂

So many fabulous sessions starting with an amazing double overnight session that Mistress Wynter had organised with a favourite sub of hers… we went to a beautiful dinner that night also which had been organised so I could meet some of my favourite NYC Maxville posters both Domme and sub – so that was fabulous fun…

We did quite a few doubles together… which were SO MUCH FUN – Mistress Wynter is even more devious, sadistic and perverted in real life than she is online – so it was all extremely wonderful.

So much fun in such a short amount of time… I saw escapade52 which was fabulous – and then we went out for dinner afterwards to chat – it’s been 18 months since last time and he’s done some very interesting things since then…

There were loads of other good things – dinner at America’s oldest pizzeria, lots of suffering for lots of lovely subs, happy rope play – and some new toys to take home!

Since then I’m back in San Francisco and am about to head out of town to see some nature 😉 but will be back for the weekend and then home again Sunday night.