San Francisco…

by | Oct 11, 2006

I’m enjoying San Francisco, I haven’t been taking sessions this visit – just wanted to relax, get over my jet lag and hang out with my friend… which has been well achieved 🙂

I did go for my corset fitting at Dark Garden yesterday – it’s an amazing process – the seamstress adjusting everything – making it smaller all over (I lost weight between last visit and now) – and changing the shape slightly to flatter my figure more….

All very fun. Even if I did slightly misjudge my packing… I have five different fetish outfits, one pair of jeans and the trackies I wear on the plane… eeek – oh well – guess that means I’ll have to go shopping in New York (though knowing me I’ll just buy more fetish wear and still have no ordinary clothes).

Good thing for all the relaxing though because New York looks like it’s going to be super busy! Mistress Wynter has organised some double sessions, I have other sessions planned that look like great fun, going out and then there’s all that shopping I need to achieve 😉 ozibootslave has sent me on a mission to achieve more sexy latex 😉

I’ve been neglecting my myspace account slightly – but every time I log on there are a zillion people wanting to friend me and endless messages – my clueless award of the day goes to the guy who left picture comments about my vinyl catsuit and tattoo… hmmm – I loathe vinyl and have no tattoos… But I guess I should take the compliments in the way they were intended instead of being snarky 😉

Anyway – I’m not really looking forward to my plane trip tomorrow… they don’t give you any food! But that’s probably for the best anyway 😉