While the cat’s away….

by | Oct 9, 2006

Well I’ve arrived safe and sound in San Francisco… and am planning lots of mischief 🙂

But as the saying goes – “While the cat’s away – the mice shall play”

I know that a lot of people are curious about what it would be like to try a switch session – see a submissive – or even do a highly erotic session with a young lady who specialises in the sensual side of BDSM.

My friend missfleurdelys who specialises in switch and erotic play is offering a special introduction to sensual kink for any of my lj readers who contact her while I’m away… An hour and a half for $360 (her usual rate for an hour). She can be contacted via her website www.missfleurdelys.com or call her receptionist on 0424 677 467.