by | Nov 12, 2006

My weekend has been pretty relaxing considering how busy I was on Friday 🙂 starting in the morning with a sub who was interested in enemas, spanking, light caning and strap-on…

Then a quick shopping trip – all very boring shopping sadly 🙁 no shiny new toys or fabulous outfits – just condoms, lube, batteries, paper towels, tissues, washing powder, bleach etc etc – very very dull… if necessary….

Luckily there was some fisting to follow the shopping 😉 Which now reminds me of my friend Mistress Wynter in New York because we had such fun together in a fisting session when I was visiting – even holding hands inside someone’s ass – which I think must make us Domme Sisters – like blood brothers but with lube 😉

Later that evening I got to be very brutal (happy sigh) with someone I’d seen a few times before, who wanted to experience ball busting – he submitted to a barrage of kicks and punches to his balls… as well as some heavy body punching and face slapping… so very fun – and a very different flavour of domination to the more traditional implement driven style.

Yesterday was Kung Fu (like every Saturday morning) – I have my next grading coming up in a little over a month so it’s time for it all to ramp up again… Which is great – I really enjoy the pressure in a strange way – having to push myself to get to the next stage and not just turn up.

I also went to visit liquidskin in hospital – he’s going home today which is great… hospitals are pretty boring places.

The last night was the SLPA trivia night – so fun – my table did well – being narrowly beaten for second – which sadly makes us the second best losers in the room 🙁 oh well.

I was vaguely pondering the Newtown Festival today – but really – it’s always such madness – and I don’t really think I can be bothered 😉 so I think I’ll go for a drive in the country and drink a beer at an old pub in the Southern Highlands…. much more relaxing!