by | Nov 29, 2006

Argh – I have 8 pages of friend requests on myspace…. sigh – I’d better go through them – otherwise I guess it’s just rude – though I don’t really have my head around the whole “I’ve got a zillion friends” thing.

That said – some new people have friended me on lj – which is cool – but please say hi sometime – leave a comment 😉

My session with ozibootslave the other day was very fun – I’d been feeling in the mood for the singletail recently so as he had a few days up his sleeve in terms of marks I was able to play a bit more – happy sigh – I do so love my singletail… though I’m hunting around for another one at the moment – trying to make a decision as to which – I’m craving a leather bull whip I think (mine’s a nylon snakewhip for those who know the difference) I’m also thinking an extra foot – but looking looking looking – as I’m a terrible decision maker when it comes to those sorts of things – it’s so hard to choose as there are a lot of whip makers out there. Anyone with a recommendation please let me know! I can always add to my confusion 😉

I’ve also got to play dress-ups quite a bit recently which is always fun… I think people forget how much I enjoy cross dressing and just what a huge wardrobe I have!

The other day I saw a very naughty boy who had to dressed as a schoolgirl and given a good thrashing! He was quite enticed by the lovely silky stockings with lace tops that I put him in – and also by the incredibly silky fully fashioned stockings that I was wearing… yum – I love stockings far too much at times…

Speaking of which – I recently placed an order with stockingshq and am getting impatient waiting for them to arrive – though it’s really only been a very short time – they’re very good at getting things out – I’m just not a very patient person 😉