oh that’s sweet 🙂

by | Nov 9, 2006

adam4cbt wrote a review of our most recent session on Max Fisch in the reviews page… I always really appreciate when someone takes the time to sit down and record their experiences with me. Though each session is so deeply personal – and I don’t ever expect to duplicate a session it can still give other subs an idea of what I may be like…

Here is the review on Max

Lots of interested comment also 🙂

I often wonder if reviews of very intense play are too scary for most people 😉 though I do also really enjoy sessions that focus on less terrifying activities…

On Monday night I was lost in happy-foot-Domme-land for some time as my foot slave spent time pampering me for some time… sigh – so very good… we also did some photos of my feet and some of my beautiful shoes – so hopefully he’ll send though for all to see 🙂

I think there’s a dearth of good foot shots on my website – as I truly am a foot hedonist and really really love having my feet attended too – and parading around in my beautiful heels… apparently my feet are too small to wear 6″ heels (according to fetish engineers who work these things out – it’s all about the angles apparently!) but I still love them!

I punished a “pervert” today who I caught masturbating… not an uncommon fantasy – and so much better for people to act it out in a consensual environment, that way it’s fun for everyone instead of a horrible experience…. as a fantasy however – very exciting, and particularly great for a voyeur session fantasy – where I get my friends to come in and see that I’ve managed to catch the local “pervert” who’s going to have to make up for his disgusting behaviour!